Grow your business with the all-in-one POS system from StoreKeeper

StoreKeeper simplifies the retail.

Our all-in-all POS solution is more than just a POS. It is the central command station for your entire store. All your data is available in one system and it's globally accessible.

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All your data in 1 Cloud-based POS system

All your transactions from your store, webshop and events in one Cloud-based POS system. This also includes your customers, tasks, payment transactions, accounting, and more!

The platform ensures that you can access your data anytime and anywhere. You'll even be able to monitor your store's performance during your holiday.

StoreKeeper functions
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All your data safe

Your data is safe in the cloud, we take care of this.

You’ll do the sales, we’ll take care of the rest

StoreKeeper helps you to sell, a lot, the technology involved? We'll take care of that.

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At StoreKeeper we never sit still. We are always innovating new technologies and smart connections of existing services and applications.

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